Trauma-informed beliefs and core trauma knowledge

Trauma-competent counselors apply trauma-informed beliefs, foundational trauma knowledge and knowledge about evidence-based, trauma-focused interventions to their clinical practice.

Therefore, training participants will demonstrate their understanding of the following core trauma concepts:

  • respect for clients as experts of their own unique experience and individualized treatment needs.
  • acceptance of individuals surviving trauma and their unique experiences.
  • a non-judgmental and neutral attitude.
  • confidence in their clients’ ability to recover from the effects of trauma.
  • the survivor is in control of his/her recovery experience.
  • knowledge about common elements of evidence-based interventions, core trauma concepts and trauma-competent practice.
  • knowledge about common elements of trauma-focused intervention and treatment.
  • current trauma literature and evidence-based practice.
  • the neurobiology of trauma and how the brain processes traumatic experience.
  • the effects of trauma on individual domains of functioning (cognitive, emotional, physical, spiritual, relational and identity).
  • trauma symptoms vary and are adaptations for survival.
  • an understanding of contextual and systemic factors.