Trauma-Focused Clinical Supervision

Trauma-competent counselors are responsible for providing effective treatment, they must know the limits of their clinical competence and seek clinical supervision when necessary. Trauma-competent counselors are also aware that counselor well-being is critical and focus on maintaining their own psychological health by prioritizing self-care.

  • Trauma-competent counselors demonstrate competency in reprocessing traumatic memory and developing a coherent trauma narrative.
  • Trauma-competent counselors are able to maintain connection by keeping the client emotionally present while reprocessing traumatic memory.
  • Trauma-competent counselors are able to maintain connection with the client by remaining emotionally present while reprocessing traumatic memory.
  • Trauma-competent counselors do no harm by using minimally invasive interventions while maintaining physical and emotional safety.
  • Trauma-competent counselors facilitate reconnection to others including teaching relational and communication skills as well as healthy boundaries.

Monthly trauma-focused supervision groups (First Sunday of each month from 3-5 pm)
Individual trauma-focused supervision (On Fridays by appointment)

To schedule a supervision session contact Melinda Paige, Ph.D, LPC, CPC, NCC, Director of Supervision & Consultation at


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Clinical Supervisor’s Biography

Melinda Paige earned a Ph.D in Counselor Education and Practice and an Ed. S in Professional Counseling from Georgia State University. She has twenty years of clinical experience serving survivors of trauma as well as trauma mental health training and consultation experience.

Melinda Paige is a founder of the the Trauma Competency Institute as well as an Assistant Professor and subject matter expert for trauma counseling curricula at Argosy University. She is a licensed professional counselor, certified professional counselor supervisor, and national certified counselor.

Dr. Paige was the recipient of the Chi Sigma Iota International Outstanding Practitioner Award (2014) and the American Counseling Association Professional Development Award (2018). Dr. Paige has published and presented nationally on trauma competency, protective factors in the prevention of secondary trauma and self-injury.